Special Wire & Cable Industry Leader


Feng Tai Electronic is committed to produce to meet the highest performance standards and reliability, at the same time providing valued added products to our customers. Your needs and concerns become ours as you rely on us to satisfy your requirements. 



At Feng Tai Electronic we aim to serve a wide variety of customers operating in different markets and in different locations throughout the world. It is our view that only by adapting our offering and our way of doing business to the specific needs of customer base we serve, can we deliver a superlative level of service.



The achievements of our company are the result of the combined efforts of all the individuals in our organization working toward common objectives. It is, therefore, very important that everyone in Feng Tai is committed to those objectives to ensure their accomplishment. To provide quality products with consistency, we have to ensure that our staffs are highly competent, motivated, and well rewarded for their efforts.



  •   To focus on customer needs and develop long-term partnering relationships.
  •   To be technically innovative and flexible in our approach to business.


Corporate Social Responsibility